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In the late 90’s I started questioning the quality of Symantec/Norton products as they started showing a large amount of support time (while IT Director at a Video Game Company supporting over 200 workstations)… Norton support was lacking, and we …

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I received an email from site5.com’s tech support this morning, titled: Scheduled Maintenance Notification. Fighting back tears of joy and relief, I opened it and noted it warned of IMAP irregularities to be expected due to server upgrades. It contained …

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After my site went down (for over 24 hours) I discovered that Network Solutions had done a"Major Upgrade" over the weekend of May 13th. Interesting how a company on the cutting-edge of internet services couldn't manage to somehow communicate this …

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Made changes/customizations and am feeling comfy with the site right now. Ask me again next week ;') Feeling good about the change of hosting as well. I moved from APlus.net to Network Solutions. Aplus.net is not customer friendly at all, …

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