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Please avoid Symantec/Norton

In the late 90’s I started questioning the quality of Symantec/Norton products as they started showing a large amount of support time (while IT Director at a Video Game Company supporting over 200 workstations)…

Norton support was lacking, and we often had to uninstall their products to get our employees workstations up again. This required a lot of manual work beyond simply hitting an uninstall button: The registry had to be searched and edited manually to remove all traces left behind by the uninstaller, and a special executable downloaded from Norton had to be run (yet another uninstaller).  We soon stopped using Norton/Symantec products.

Recently I was working on a day traders workstation and came across a troublesome problem with network printer sharing. Was taken aback when several results from a Google search recommended to “First remove all Symantec products…” After doing the exhaustive removal process, all was well.

Deja Vu.

Apparently their support has not improved, with the recent discovery of what appears to be a rogue executable ‘phoning home’ to Symantec. When users posted questions regarding this executable all of their posts were deleted by the Norton/Symantec admins.

I bet the Bush administration wishes it could have done that ;’)

Slashdot article about pifts.exe

Re: PIFTS.exe – Off-Topic – ZoneAlarm User Forum.

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3 comments on “Please avoid Symantec/Norton
  1. Amen. It’s hard to fathom how a company can get things so wrong. The experience I have with Symantec is with their antivirus and it’s enough to put me off their other products.

  2. kimchoonbae says:

    I want to new start on plugin demencia wellness each tim when apply plugin or wordpress org did not accept with my own user name and password how can I log in?

  3. Sam says:

    @kimchoonbae, I think there was a change to user/pass at wordpress a month or so ago, requiring all users to change their password. I suggest you do a ‘Lost my password’ and then follow instructions…

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