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A sense of comfort…

Made changes/customizations and am feeling comfy with the site right now. Ask me again next week ;') Feeling good about the change of hosting as well. I moved from APlus.net to Network Solutions. Aplus.net is not customer friendly at all, and it's not simply because their tech support is overseas. Their support people are presumptious, rude and think quite highly of the time they allow the user to take up in their very important lives. I feel a rant starting. Two of the domains I registered through them was transferred by a customer (no biggie, but as techno-motards they didn't think to tell me) and APlus.net continued to charge me for renewals/parking/etc. for about 16 months. When I pointed out the mistake, they said I was mistaken. When I sent the whois results, they said: "Hmmm. Let me check this and get back to you…" Eventually they said that yeah, it had been transferred 16 months ago. I asked for a refund and they refused. They gave me a 'billing' contact and I appealed to them. They refused as well. So I voted against them with my feet.

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