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Which of the following is true? The WordPress Support Forums can be a wonderful resource, a gold mine of wisdom and technical expertise, with quick, salient responses that get me right back on track… The WordPress Support Forums can be …

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I think the definition of Incorporated is 'self-centered'. Isn't a corporation really just an attempt to remove any personal responsibility by creating an entity unto itself? bleh. I watched with disgust as Ron Zarrella , CEO of B&L displayed confidence (denial) …

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Made changes/customizations and am feeling comfy with the site right now. Ask me again next week ;') Feeling good about the change of hosting as well. I moved from APlus.net to Network Solutions. Aplus.net is not customer friendly at all, …

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Or so it seemed in this picture:

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Not for me. My Daughter was running late. Big surprise. Not. Drove her to school and as she stepped out of the car she hesitated, turned to me and said: “I think I’m gonna puke…” Ahhhh, those wonder years!!! After …

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