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Author: Sam Devol

Good article describing remarkable differences in how people in the medical field view treatment for life-threatening illness: How Doctors Die « Zócalo Public Square It turns out they often don’t make the same decisions that are recommended to patients, and appear …

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Over the past few years I’ve had a number of clients who have been hit with ‘fake’ Virus alerts/warnings that are intended to alarm the user into scanning their system and eventually paying to have the fake virus removed. I …

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Most of my clients and friends want an Anti-Virus solution that’s simple and cheap, and I have found myself installing Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) on more and more Windows systems.  It has a small footprint, doesn’t drain a lot of resources, …

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I received a call from someone with a two year-old Hewlett Packard Pavilion Slimline who told me the system would no longer boot.  I started talking him through some troubleshooting procedures so I could get a better handle on what was going …

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Lyrics | Dropkick Murphys – I’m Shipping Up To Boston lyrics

What if a demon were to creep after you one night, in your loneliest loneliness, and say, ‘This life which you live must be lived by you once again and innumerable times more; and every pain and joy and thought …

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Recently I received a call from a friend of mine who said the power plug on his GPS had “fallen off inside….” and he asked if I would be interested in taking a look at it. I thought: “Cool, a …

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I noticed some time back that my Yukon was stumbling under loads, and tried several repairs and diagnosis techniques without success (I don’t have access to a scanner/reader), so I nursed it along until one evening it was really acting …

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In the late 90’s I started questioning the quality of Symantec/Norton products as they started showing a large amount of support time (while IT Director at a Video Game Company supporting over 200 workstations)… Norton support was lacking, and we …

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I hadn’t heard much about this company, and was surprised at the outlandish Superbowl ad’s. Big names, big greed. Didn’t we used to have a Consumer Protection Agency? Cash4Gold Complaints – Former employee exposing the scams of Cash4Gold.

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