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Most of my clients and friends want an Anti-Virus solution that’s simple and cheap, and I have found myself installing Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) on more and more Windows systems.  It has a small footprint, doesn’t drain a lot of resources, …

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There are some basic steps you can take to help limit your exposure to malicious behavior directed at your WordPress install. My intention with this article is not to make your website bullet-proof (if such a thing exists) but to …

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The info in this post is pretty old but I’m leaving it here for reference, regardless… I wanted to add a forum to my WordPress blog but everything I came across did not integrate well (design/page continuity, etc.) or was …

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I had an interest in adding a Help Desk to my site where clients could submit ‘tickets’ that would be tracked (and stored in a MySQL database, preferably alongside my current WordPress one) and when changed/updated both the client and …

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Over the past few months I have come across an enormous amount of resources and tools for every aspect of working with WordPress. This is another one of the benefits of Open Source (a large number of contributors), however the …

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This article was inspired by the fact that WordPress downloads recently passed the 1,000,000 mark. There are some very common problems that pop-up frequently on the WordPress Support Forums that can stop an installation dead in it’s tracks. This is …

WordPress Troubleshooting: Finished installation and it doesn’t work! Read More »

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