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Magellan Roadmate Loose Power Plug

Recently I received a call from a friend of mine who said the power plug on his GPS had “fallen off inside….” and he asked if I would be interested in taking a look at it. I thought: “Cool, a chance to take apart someone else’s stuff!” Or something like that…

Once I had it in my hands it became obvious that the power plug ‘receptacle’ had become loose inside the unit, so I took out a hammer and smashed it into little pieces. heh. Kidding. Although I think that was one of Frank’s proposed solutions…

Removing the cover exposed this:
Magellan Sans Cover
In the above image it’s not easy to determine what’s going on with the power plug, so here’s some close-ups:

Magellan Power Plug

And from a different angle, you can see the ‘lift’:

Magellan Power Plug 2

So, I whipped out my soldering iron and melted some solder… Here’s a closer look at what I found after lifting the plug receptacle off the PCB board:

Magellan PCB Sans Power Receptacle

Once the receptacle was removed, I ‘tinned’ the 4 feet that protrude from the receptacle. Then I melted the mating solder points on the PCB board. Then holding the receptacle in place, I proceeded to burn my fingers several times (solder in one hand, iron in the other, I’m lucky it was only my hands getting singed…). Eventually I found a method of leaning a light object against the receptacle so I could use both hands for soldering.

Once finished, I re-assembled and tested. Plugging in the power (male) felt solid and secure, and the unit recognized the external power source, charged batteries, etc.

Then Frank told me he had already bought another GPS… Bastard.

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3 comments on “Magellan Roadmate Loose Power Plug
  1. no_name says:

    Aargh, that happened to me too, my buddy fixed it like you did, but a few weeks later it broke off again!

  2. Sam says:

    Is that you Frank??? LOL

  3. Andrew says:

    Hello, i have a similar problem. My Magellan Triton was
    broke the power button (microSwitch and micro Resistances)
    was lost. Please, anyone have a photo about this place on
    the electronics board? I want see which components was
    lost exactly. And anyone can do some measure the
    micro Resistances with a ohmimeter.
    Thanks a lot in advance

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