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I find greed disgusting (or: Bausch&Lomb…)

I think the definition of Incorporated is 'self-centered'. Isn't a corporation really just an attempt to remove any personal responsibility by creating an entity unto itself? bleh.

I watched with disgust as Ron Zarrella Bausch and Lomb PR banner, CEO of B&L displayed confidence (denial) and purpose (minimizing, denial) on B&L's recent TV commercial (PR rescue attempt).

The minute I saw this guy I wanted to check my wallet. Note this earlier faux pas :

In other company news, B&L says it continues to support its chairman and CEO Ron Zarrella, despite the fact that published biographical information stated that Zarrella received an M.B.A. from New York University Graduate School of Business, when Zarrella attended the school but did not complete that degree. B&L has corrected the error in its documents and said Zarrella was embarrassed by the mistake.

Surely Ron wasn't always just about numbers? Here's a Business Week report from the 90's

 At one teleconference, recalls an insider, the then-head of European operations was raked over the coals by Zarrella because currency fluctuations were hurting profits that were on target in local-currency terms. “Ron kept going back at him, saying `That's what you signed up for. Do you want me to go to the analysts and say we can't make the numbers?''' says this source.

Eschew obfuscation:

"The CDC data released today are both troubling and perplexing, as there is an apparent disproportionate representation of U.S.-manufactured ReNu with MoistureLoc in the underlying data. The source of these infections has not been determined," company chairman and chief executive officer Ronald Zarrella said.

You know, the issue here is not Ron Zarrella, it's the corporation, the greed, the acceptance that no one will have to take personal responsibility and that the almighty higher power is money. The bottom line. The salary, bonus.

Well, this isn't the first time we've seen this and it certainly won't be the last. But don't insult me by putting some greedy, lying, fat corporate-bastard in my face. 

EDIT: I guess I’m not alone, take a look at this:

Bausch & Lomb’s CEO Ronald Zarrella “needs to be fired with all speed, if not terminated,” Cramer said.

When this company had its contact lens-solution problem, “it seemed like the whole company went into hiding and had to be beaten to recall the stuff,” he said.

“Zarrella was uncommunicative and couldn’t have done a worse job with handling a problem,” Cramer said. “If Zarrella says he’s going fishing, the stock could go from $46 to $55 — he’s that awful.”

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