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My boss is an a**hole

I am self-employed, but he’s such a jerk I’ve kinda been on strike for 6 months. I’ve still been trying to keep up on forum/support questions, but no new posts. Had to move, as well. Really move, like furniture and

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Guide to using the WordPress Support Forums

Which of the following is true? The WordPress Support Forums can be a wonderful resource, a gold mine of wisdom and technical expertise, with quick, salient responses that get me right back on track… The WordPress Support Forums can be

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I find greed disgusting (or: Bausch&Lomb…)

I think the definition of Incorporated is 'self-centered'. Isn't a corporation really just an attempt to remove any personal responsibility by creating an entity unto itself? bleh. I watched with disgust as Ron Zarrella , CEO of B&L displayed confidence (denial)

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A sense of comfort…

Made changes/customizations and am feeling comfy with the site right now. Ask me again next week ;') Feeling good about the change of hosting as well. I moved from APlus.net to Network Solutions. Aplus.net is not customer friendly at all,

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Just figured out the meaning of life!

Or so it seemed in this picture:

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First day of school!

Not for me. Samantha was running late. Big surprise. Not. Drove her to school and as she stepped out of the car she hesitated, turned to me and said: “I think I’m gonna puke…” Ahhhh, those wonder years!!! After school

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Had fun talking to needa (name tweaked to protect the innocent) last night about epiphanies, vibrations (molecular through emotional), sonar and zen. She had some neat stories about doing artwork with others, particularly others who are not ‘normally’ artistic. Good

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What a day…

Last Thursday the shop below me had some phone lines put in, and mine stopped working. Like the technician just decided he didn't have enough wire for their job so he took mine. Figured it out Friday, then had to

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Buffy Quotes

pics of buffy cast
But… cute guy… teenager… post-pubescent fantasies!