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I was thinking about a way to showcase older posts and happened across the Zazz Post Tickerplugin by Stew Houston. I thought “Here we go, another chance for me to totally bork my blog with some unknown piece of code…” …

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Just released the new version (0.94) of the missunderstood theme. Some major changes, lots of clean-up, added functionality: Built-in Optimal Title (for SEO) Built-in slimbox (faster, lighter Lightbox effect) Separate lists for comments and trackbacks Fancier blockquotes Built-in pullquotes Prettier …

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Here is a newsletter-style 2-column with sidebar theme for WordPress which allows some control over which categories are displayed in each column. I included the WordPress Theme Toolkit by Ozh for user-friendliness. This theme is a modified version of Corporate …

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Over the past few months I have come across an enormous amount of resources and tools for every aspect of working with WordPress. This is another one of the benefits of Open Source (a large number of contributors), however the …

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This is one of the most common questions asked in the WordPress Support Forum. From "Where did my sidebar go?" to "Why is my sidebar at the bottom of my page?"…  The most common cause I see is when someone …

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Your page is broken or some support monkey is insisting you validate it! "OMG! I just want my sidebar back!" Everyone makes mistakes, the point is that new habits and practice can limit these. I hope the following can help, …

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