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When I first started a WordPress blog I wanted to add some personal identification to the front page in an effort to promote validity/identity/what-evah. ‘Widgets’ were somewhat new to WP so I thought this was the approach for me. I …

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Working on 0.99 and and I decided to take the About Me widget to a level I had never intended. If you have used it before, you’re used to seeing this configuration interface: I had originally intended to design a …

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Over the past few months I have come across an enormous amount of resources and tools for every aspect of working with WordPress. This is another one of the benefits of Open Source (a large number of contributors), however the …

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This is one of the most common questions asked in the WordPress Support Forum. From "Where did my sidebar go?" to "Why is my sidebar at the bottom of my page?"…  The most common cause I see is when someone …

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Your page is broken or some support monkey is insisting you validate it! "OMG! I just want my sidebar back!" Everyone makes mistakes, the point is that new habits and practice can limit these. I hope the following can help, …

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Internet Explorer (previous to v7, at least) does not follow the same standards as everyone else. The most noticeable effect this has in blogging with WordPress is that IE will add margins and padding together, which can really screw up …

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