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After upgrading to WordPress 2.3 and trying to re-evaluate tag usage, I decided to re-visit an old pet-peeve of mine: The relatively massive (read: gi-normous) size of my wp_postmeta table. It was always the biggest table in my database (thanks …

Cleaning up WordPress database after UTW Read More »

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Between the theme change, settling into 2.3 final and trying to bring some style continuity from the new theme into my forums, there have been some short periods of down-time. Last night and this AM were more significant however, so …

Recent site and forum issues Read More »

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This article was inspired by the fact that WordPress downloads recently passed the 1,000,000 mark. There are some very common problems that pop-up frequently on the WordPress Support Forums that can stop an installation dead in it’s tracks. This is …

WordPress Troubleshooting: Finished installation and it doesn’t work! Read More »

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