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WordPress 2.0.5 released

IWP logo was looking at this one as a real yawner. I consider myself almost obsessive about updating but I was going to take a pass on this one. Then, I saw this was fixed, and I thought wot the hell…

So I copied all the files over, just dumped them right on top of my 2.0.4 install (no backup, no candles, no chanting, I Run With Scissors). Went to an admin page to force the upgrade check, did the prompts to do the database upgrade… Then I RAN to my admin/Plugins page and experienced a form of ecstasy reserved for the truly obsessive geek: The Plugins were listed in alphabetical order. OMG. What a concept! WP used to sort them in alphabetical order, but they were translated to Mandarin first, sorted, then translated back to English. Who says those dev guys don’t have a sense of humor?

I can sleep well tonight. Finally.

Get the Official 2.0.5 Ronan
Get just the files changed between 2.0.4 and 2.0.5 (not for the lazy-a$$-no-backing-up-fool).

Oh, and for some WordPress 2.0.5 users reporting Server 500 error after upgrading, check Mark Jaquith’s post and fix here: Some WordPress 2.0.5 users reporting Server 500 error

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3 comments on “WordPress 2.0.5 released
  1. Tania says:

    oh I can’t begin to tell you how many times I’ve cursed the plugins page for not listing them in alphabetical order. LOL!!

    I’ll have to see what else .5 fixes before upgrading tho.. I thought I wouldn’t upgrade until 2.1

  2. Tania says:

    wow that was scary. During that last post I saw more errors and theme wonkiness than you’d like to hear about.

  3. Sam says:

    Hi Tania: 2.1 is a biggie/must-have, but some goodies got into 2.0.5 that surprised me. The dev’s wanted to keep all ‘enhancement’ related work slotted for 2.1.

    re: wonkiness I did add some ajaxiness a few days ago. If you use the links at the bottom of the post it will call ajaxy behavior. Lemme know if you keep having problems, k?

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