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Recent site and forum issues

Between the theme change, settling into 2.3 final and trying to bring some style continuity from the new theme into my forums, there have been some short periods of down-time. Last night and this AM were more significant however, so I wanted to post some info:

Last night I made a ‘quick’ change to the site, adding a little code to my functions.php file and like an idiot I guess I didn’t check afterwards but just ran out the door (real life, what a concept). End result was that samdevol.com was down all night until I did a huge “DOH!” this morning.

I use PunBB for my forum, and decided to give it it’s own database. But until I went through the SQL code (my backup) and repaired it by hand, I couldn’t re-import it. The error I noted was:
#1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ')' at line 1

Apparently the same MySQL database that I exported from refused to accept the format it created. Specifically, where a field was empty (signified in my backup as , , [comma space comma]) MySQL choked on the import. I eventually did a search/replace and replaced all occurences of , , with , '', [comma space tick tick comma] and it finally imported without error.

I have discovered the import for punbb appeared successful, but it was not. Until I find some way to import it, the forum is back up with no old messages.

All user error, short-between-the-headphones stuff. Sowwy.

Now if I could figure out my database sync issue (every time I activate a plugin I get the Your database is out-of-date. Please upgrade. message).

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