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Make ColorZilla work in Ubuntu – Firefox

ColorZilla has the ability to work with Ubuntu, but not the way it is packaged. If you install the regular ColorZilla_1.x.xpi the library that does not work with Ubuntu gets installed and you get the ‘mode not supported on your platform’ error message.

The ColorZilla_1.x.xpi (both the one on Mozilla.com and the beta at iostart.com) comes with the needed library, it’s just a matter of forcing the correct one for Ubuntu. Here’s how I did it with the beta (kudos to SaltwaterC for pointing out that an .xpi file is just a renamed .zip file):

  1. Do a right-click and save so I could access the file locally.
  2. Open up ColorZilla_1.9.xpi with File Roller (Ubuntu Gutsy/7.10 default handler) and delete the /platform/Linux/components/ColorZilla.so file inside the archive and then just hit the ‘x’ (close button) on File Roller.
  3. Open up Firefox, open the Addons window, drag and drop the ColorZilla_1.9.xpi file onto the window, click install.
  4. Restart Firefox.

Yet one less reason to develop on M$.

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2 comments on “Make ColorZilla work in Ubuntu – Firefox
  1. GlipMax Blog says:

    gonna try it, thanks for the tips 🙂

  2. Daniel says:

    Did not work for me. Still getting the error message.

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