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1999 GMC Yukon 4WD Selector switch flashing

4WD selector switchApparently there are some cold-solder issues with this switch. I started noticing the indicators on it were flashing/strobing (with a clicking noise). After looking around the ‘net for more info and trying to get estimates on how much it might cost to repair, I came across a post talking about the cold-solder issues many dealers found…

I was worried about  removing the dash (required for access) but some more research revealed that the dash is a ‘clip-on’. No screws to lose and almost impossible to mis-align on replacement. Here’s how to remove it:

GMC dash sketch Reach your fingers into the crack where the arrow is displayed in the illustration and gently pull out. As soon as it starts separating start working the opposite (top, left) side. Shortly, all the clips will be ‘released’. There may be a multi-connector you have to remove to really get some elbow room but don’t worry, all the connections are keyed so you can’t mess them up.

Once you can get at the back of the dash you can release the plastic clips holding the 4WD Selector switch assembly (and remove the wire connector(s). When I looked at the back, where you can see the solder points on the switch, I could not see any defects. But this is typical of cold-solder issues. So, I whipped out a soldering gun and applied heat to each solder point until the solder ‘melted’, waited a second longer and then went on to the next solder point.

After putting everything back together it worked! Saved me a few bucks, and more importantly having to arrange a day without the car while the dealer mucks with it.

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2 comments on “1999 GMC Yukon 4WD Selector switch flashing
  1. tcates33 says:

    I have the same problem but sometimes it will go into 4lo without me doing anything. I have resolder like you did also cleaned & put dialectric grease to the connector thats goes into the transfer case and I still have the problem. ???????

  2. Sam says:

    That sounds like the switch inside the case… Unfortunately that’s the boat I am in now (the switch inside the case is burned out and has to be replaced).

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