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Quick look at WordPress issues in June:


Shortstat: There's an issue with shortstat 1.3 and WordPress 2.0.x. Try this fix:

I was having the same trouble with logging not occurring. is_admin_page()* was returning true for non-admin pages. I just commented that line out, and it’s working for me on WP 2.0.2 – I don’t know what other effects doing this will have.

* in the track() function, near line 95

Worked for me ;') For the layzee ones, here's the original wp-shortstat 1.3 with the fix .

Version 1.2 of WP Admin Theme – Autumn (with Drop Down Menus) was released 6/6/06. Shutup.

DagonDesign's Secure Form Mailer Plugin For WordPress was updated 6/27/06. You can see it in use here, at my Contact Me

There were some more tweaks to the WordPress 2.0.3 Tuneup plugin in June. If you are running 2.0.3 this plugin is required. Period. Fini. Shush. No talk. Do it. Shh.

Roblog released updates to Now Reading in June, and a final push on July 4th… (Now Reading 4.2 link is broken). 

For those times when rubbing broken glass on your nipples just isn't enough, Leon Kilat wrote up a guide on How to edit WordPress themes using Dreamweaver. Ouch?

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