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I heart Sarah Jeck

I’m glad I ran across this story about a student questioning Justice Scalia while on his book tour. Her question was simple; Why aren’t cameras allowed in the Supreme Court even though the court hearings are open, transcripts are available and the court’s justices are open enough to go “out on book tours.”?

“Read the next question,” Scalia replied. “That’s a nasty, impolite question.”

I’m left wondering what inner-fear Sarah tread so close to that would elicit such a response from a man that is bigger, older and supposedly more mature…

U.S. Supreme Court justice shows confidence, combativeness at West Palm Beach forum — Law.com.

Florida Student Asks Scalia a Question — and Gets Scolded

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One comment on “I heart Sarah Jeck
  1. mak says:

    I suspect that Scalia fears he is a dick. As it happens, that fear is justified.

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