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Natural Gas Development in Bucks County

I went to the “Educational Forum – Natural Gas Development in Your Community” last night (April 12, 2012) and decided  to make some notes: It was interesting… According to the ‘panel’ there aren’t any plans for fracking in Bucks County,

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Regarding Marc Randazza

Marc Randazza is a First Amendment attorney out of Las Vegas that has spent a lot of time defending Free Speech. Marc’s blog The Legal Satyricon is well worth a visit. A recent opinion piece he wrote regarding Rush Limbaugh can

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End of Life Decisions, Planning

Good article describing remarkable differences in how people in the medical field view treatment for life-threatening illness: How Doctors Die « Zócalo Public Square It turns out they often don’t make the same decisions that are recommended to patients, and appear

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Rogue Anti-Virus Removal

Over the past few years I’ve had a number of clients who have been hit with ‘fake’ Virus alerts/warnings that are intended to alarm the user into scanning their system and eventually paying to have the fake virus removed. I

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How to switch to Microsoft Security Essentials Anti-Virus

Most of my clients and friends want an Anti-Virus solution that’s simple and cheap, and I have found myself installing Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) on more and more Windows systems.  It has a small footprint, doesn’t drain a lot of resources,

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Seagate ST35000620AS Failure

I received a call from someone with a two year-old Hewlett Packard Pavilion Slimline who told me the system would no longer boot.  I started talking him through some troubleshooting procedures so I could get a better handle on what was going

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Feelin’ Irish?

Lyrics | Dropkick Murphys – I’m Shipping Up To Boston lyrics

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And now, for an existentialist moment…

What if a demon were to creep after you one night, in your loneliest loneliness, and say, ‘This life which you live must be lived by you once again and innumerable times more; and every pain and joy and thought

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A friend to my Daughter and I

Published in Morning Call on February 6, 2010: Susan R. Kernechel, 49, of Coopersburg died Wednesday, February 3, in her home. She was the wife of Calvin Kernechel to whom she was married for more than 24 years. Born in

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Magellan Roadmate Loose Power Plug

Recently I received a call from a friend of mine who said the power plug on his GPS had “fallen off inside….” and he asked if I would be interested in taking a look at it. I thought: “Cool, a

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Buffy Quotes

pics of buffy cast
Kathy’s evil. I’m an evil fighter. It’s simple. I’m gonna have to kill her.